The big ask update 

We are coming to the end of our fundraising campaign and we have done so well! A huge part of that is down to the kindness and constant support of my family, friends and the people in my community. 

There’s still just enough time to donate before the page closes. Visit the fundraising page here:

I’d like to mention a few of these people. Stick with me OK?

Leigh and Lana: lifelong friends, 2nd set of sisters. They have had my back and shown their love and support in a million different ways. I adore these girls.

Derek, Craig and Callum: My cycling team. Before this, we had never met. These guys chose to help me out if the absolute kindness of their hearts. They have not only raised a load of money, they have helped restore my faith in people. True selflessness really does exist.

Pauline: I’ve known Pauline for 30 years and she has always been the type of person who’d give you the clothes off of her back if she thought it’d help you. She is the most giving, genuine and Iovely person I’ve ever met. She has consistently supported me, looked after me and has planned and organised the Ceilidh. She’s done this all whilst raising two young kids, working very hard, feeding me and preventing me from having countless emotional breakdowns. I love this girl. More than sweets!

Jim: Last but definitely by no means least. Jim and I were flatmates in Glasgow and we quickly became friends. Over the years, he has become like family to both myself and Steph. 

He took on the enormous task of converting our downstairs studio/room for dumping stuff into a beautiful, mobility friendly master bedroom with ensuite. He has worked non stop, without complaint for the best part of two months. He is meticulous in his work and has thought about out our happiness with the finished result with every single step. Jim has been the heart and soul of this project and I’ll never be able to thank him enough. 

There’s so many other people who deserve a mention. I’d be here all night though! To all of you who donated, helped us fundraise, sold ceilidh and raffle tickets, shared my posts, talked about or project to others or did anything at all to help us; From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are making my life better .  


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