The January 2017 results

Hi all! I know you’ve all been waiting with me for these results. Sorry it’s taken me a while to let you know how I got on.

This has been the first set of results I’ve had since starting my new treatment plan just after my secondaries diagnosis. You may remember that I had some issues with my lungs last year. At the time, I had suffered from back to back chest infections as well as a flare up of asthma and a subsequent change in my treatment for that. Luckily, this set of scans have shown a huge improvement in my lungs which indicates that it was scar tissue from the damage done by the infection and not a spread of the breast cancer cells. Phew!

The scans have also shown that there has been no further spread in my bones and that the treatment I’m currently on is keeping the disease stable. Another Phew!

The only BUT is that the radiologist has picked up on a 13mm lesion in my liver. This has never been noted before but when he looked back on previous scans he has found that this lesion was there. So, there are a few possible reasons for this; It could be a cyst or another mass unrelated to cancer that has been there for a long time but has never had any reason to be noticed. Or, it could be cancer. The positive of this is that it hasn’t change in size from the earlier scan he found it in and the treatment I’m on now has kept it stable. The only way to find out for sure is to do more tests *sigh*.

I’m now back to doing what I feel like I spend my life doing. Waiting. I’ll get an MRI scan to look at the lesion in closer detail. Then I’ll wait for another appointment to see my oncologist to find out what the action plan will be. I HATE WAITING!

So, at the moment, things are OK-ish. There’s no real reason to freak out. This thing in my liver has been there for a while. I just know about it now. It’s behaving itself for the time being so I need to find a way not to panic about it. I have a counsellor coming to see me on Thursday to help me find ways of dealing with anxiety as this seems to be my biggest issue at the moment. This morning I was sick a couple of times because of the panic attack I had. This can’t go on. I’m living my life around this disease and must learn to cope with it more effectively. We are taking steps towards this and there are even times when I’m able to put my illness to one side and enjoy life. We made a resolution to do at least ‘one nice thing’ every month. This month we went to see ‘Wonderland’ at the Playhouse in Edinburgh. Steph got us tickets to sit in the directors box which was an amazing experience. There are only 8 seats in this area and we had a waitress to look after us. We drank champagne and ate chocolates and snacks (which she topped up liberally). We had little opera binoculars, comfy seats and, if we leaned over, an amazing view of the mixing desk (if you’re into that kind of thing). It was absolutely fantastic. Afterwards, we went back to our hotel bar for cocktails before heading up to our lovely room for the night. It felt like a little holiday. The first of many. This weekend we’re off to London to see the Star Wars Identities exhibition at the O2. Be prepared for a lot of geeky photos in the next blog.

Our night at the theatre

Heading in to the directors box at the Playhouse

Comfy hotel bed







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