The Wedding 

Hooray! We got married! This post is dedicated to the love of my life, my best friend, my husband, Steph. 

Steph and I have never really liked the idea of a traditional church and hotel reception style of wedding. Mostly because neither of us are particularly traditional people. His mum mentioned that on her last cruise holiday, she’d seen a couple who had just been married on board and we decided that sounded like an unusual and fun idea so we started researching it. We asked our families if they would join us and they were all immediately on board (nautical puns… hilarious).  

So, on August 13th, off we sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. The first day on board was spent by walking around, open mouthed, trying to take in just how spectacular the ship was. We had a few things to plan for our wedding the following day but we mostly just got on with exploring and trying to imagine how we were going to fit everything in that we wanted to do in only one short week. 

We woke up early the next day to meet everyone for breakfast. The atmosphere around the table was fantastic. I think it was a combination of excitement and relief that, after everything we’ve been through, we were finally here. We’d made it. 

We then set off to start getting ready. I shipped (another nautical pun. Let’s see how many of those I can ‘anchor’ down throughout this blog post) Steph off to get ready with Craig while Irana, Mum, Jane, Rebecca and I went off to get our hair done. 

In the salon

Irana and I then made our way back to my room, with a stop off at the bar for some champagne, and started to get ready. Mum joined us to help get me into my dress. 

Mum doing a great job lacing my dress

A few last minute room selfies

And we were ready

We got married in a little jazz bar with the captain officiating. The vows were simple but very meaningful. I expected I’d be overcome with nerves or a blubbering mess, however, all I felt was absolute and complete happiness. It was the best day of my life.

Exchanging rings

Afterwards, we had a small reception in the same room with canapés and cocktails. This is where all of our family photos were taken. Steph and I went with the photographer to get some lovely (and some horribly cheesy that you’ll never see) photos, around the ship afterwards. 

Our family

With my husband *grinning*

On the carousel

In the on board Central Park

I love you but I still don’t share cake

The only downside to getting married on a carribean cruise (you have to look hard for one) is that loads of people you’d wish could be there, can’t. We made up for this by having a reception when we got home. This also gave me a chance to have some fun with organising the venue, the decor, the food… anything I could obsessively Pinterest!

We chose Baxter’s Home Farm in Kelty, Fife as our venue. It had the exact rustic, quirky look and feel that we wanted.  From our first meeting with them, we were 100% sure that they would do a great job. They managed to exceed every expectation we had. And more. 

My illness can make me extremely exhausted but everyone made sure that I could focus all of my energy on the evening. I barely lifted a finger until it was time to leave. Even my hair and make-up were done for me! This was such a fun part of the day. My best friend Fiona booked us in with this amazing makeup artist: I felt fantastic. 

My hair and make-up

Our ‘after’ picture. Look at Fiona, isn’t she gorgeous?!

After this, it was back home to get dressed and then, instead of the taxi I was expecting, I was surprised to see my friend Alan outside, ready to take us in his beautiful Rolls Royce. I have the nicest people in my life! 

Our beautiful wedding car

Once we arrived at Baxter’s it was time to relax and enjoy everything that we’d planned, discussed and looked forward to for so long. It was time to eat (a lot of cheese, a lot of cake and everything in between), drink and dance the night away with my husband. And we did. And it was absolutely wonderful! 

Having a great time with Mum and step Dad

My maid of honour (big sister), Irana

My Dad mid speech 

With my best friends from uni

The Usual Suspects

Our extremely pretty and amazingly tasty cake from 3D Cakes in Edinburgh

The cake toppers were made by one of my oldest, dearest and most talented friends, Joanne

Part of the beautiful hall, all dressed up and looking fab

The food was absolutely fantastic. The people at Baxter’s did an amazing job

My beautiful sister with her partner, Craig (someday my brother. Maybe. Hopefully)

One of the many beautiful photos taken by our friend, Mark. In fact, if you see a photo on here that looks professionally taken, it’ll have been done by him.

Feeling like royalty with Craig

A great photo of the guys

A bit later in the night…

I couldn’t be happier to be his wife


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