The Hipdate

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry about my lack of communication since my operation which was, unbelievably, 10 weeks ago! 

So, let’s back up to the surgery and we’ll work our way forward to where we’re at now.

I had the inside of my femur replaced with a titanium rod with 2 pins supporting it horizontally at the bottom part (just above my knee) I’ve also got 2 screws going diagonally from about 3/4 of the way up my femur, through the rod and up into the femur head (the hip joint)

Mine also has a diagonal screw at the top to support the fracture in my femur (as in top diagram)

I had 20 staples holding the wounds together. Luckily, they came out after 10 days and it’s all healed really well

The biggest problem I had, and the reason I was in hospital for such a long time (15 long looonnnggg days), was pain. My old companion… The friend you can’t quite shake off.
It was a real struggle to find a way to manage it.

I have the added complications to having just had major surgery, of also suffering the associated pain that comes with having secondary cancer in my spine and femur. I also have some leftover pain issues from my primary cancer treatment including peripheral neuropathy, joint and bone pain and a whole host of other cancer related gifts that keep on giving.

The palliative care team worked with me every day and slowly increased my various painkiller doses and monitored its effectiveness and counteracted any side effects they brought. 

I also worked with the physio team to regain as much mobility as possible. It took a few weeks to get off the wheelchair and get up and around on crutches.Two months on from that I began to walk unassisted again.I felt like Bambi on ice on more than one occasion but I’m getting there.

After major surgery, they say it’s good to set small goals. Well, my goal was small in size but deeply meaningful. I wanted to walk down the aisle, without crutches, at my wedding.

I did it! (with a little help from my Dads)


11 thoughts on “The Hipdate

  1. You have climbed some big mountains – compared with my Pen Y Fan, but how well you’ve done and how great you look. You timed well and the dads photo is tremendous. So looking forward to seeing you again soon. xXx

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    • Thank you so much for such a lovely mention. It’s a real privilege.
      The entire wedding blog has now been posted and it’s full of lovely photos of our wedding on a Royal Caribbean cruise and onto our rustic, wonderland themed reception once we got back home.
      The new cycle of tests and scans and the associated anxiety have all kicked off but I feel we can approach them with a new strength and a whole lot of amazing memories to help us through.


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